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Top Places to Buy Gym Equipment Online

Here are some of our favorite places to purchase gym equipment.

Let's be real. The fitness industry is changing and we understand the importance of building a home gym right now. As the COVID-19 gym closures and restrictions persist, many of us are trying to invest in home gyms and creating new workout routines. But with the sudden demand for gym equipment, many retailers have been sold out for months. At Inside Fitness Now, we want to share our favorite places to shop and compiled a list of some online resources.

1. Fitness Showrooms

Cardio and HIIT

With stores all over the East coast, Fitness Showrooms sells treadmills, ellipticals, gym flooring, free weights, and more! Fitness Showrooms carries several well-known brands (e.g. Bodyguard, Life Fitness, and TRX), so that you can shop with confidence.


Strength, Cardio and HIIT

When BLK BOX says, "train like an athlete at home," they are not kidding. Build the ultimate home gym with rigs, racks, dumbbells and kettlebells, barbells and so much more. If you consider yourself a powerlifter or cardio junkie, check out BLK BOX now. You can also download the BLK BOX app on your phone through the App Store or Google Play.



PRx PERFORMANCE, known for its appearance on Shark Tank, sells all the equipment a powerlifter needs from lifting racks to storage options. You can either buy equipment separately or build your own individual package. With their high quality products and 100% unconditional guarantee, it seems like PRx PERFORMANCE is all about #gainz.

4. Ironman Fitness Equipment


With a title like "Ironman," you know Ironman Fitness Equipment is prepared to withstand your muscle. Located in North Haven, CT, Ironman Fitness has loaded up on both new and used barbells and dumbbells to keep you strong. Follow Ironman Fitness Equipment on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and purchase options.



Need a sturdy squat stand or power rack? GRIND FITNESS provides you with the lifting essentials at a fair price. (Sounds good to me!) GRIND FITNESS has one caveat, though, "our equipment only works if you GRIND." Start GRINDing today and download the app on your phone through the App Store or Google Play.

6. REVALUE Fitness Equipment

Strength, Cardio and HIIT

Save BIG with REVALUE Fitness with both new and used items. Buy, sell and trade gym equipment from big-brand names, such as HAMMER STRENGTH and StairMaster, with financing options available. Check out their super deals on indoor cycling and quality treadmills. Home gym or commercial gym, REVALUE can get you started.

7. TORQUE Fitness

Strength and Cardio

Looking for plyo boxes, platforms and functional systems? TORQUE has it all! Catering to both powerlifters and boot campers, TORQUE has options for both fitness experts and novices. TORQUE is fitness partners with companies like 24 Hour Fitness, CrossFit and YMCA, so you can feel confident in their equipment quality. Remember to check out their savings options on the TANK M4 and M4GT!

8. X Training Equipment

Strength, Cardio and HIIT

Find bumpers, sandbags, medicine balls, and more at X Training Equipment. Build a garage gym with their "garage package" or buy separate pieces of equipment that will help you achieve your strength and conditioning goals. X Training Equipment is a trusted brand by many commercial gyms across the US! Follow them on social media for the latest. Affiliate packages and financing is available.

9. ROGUE Fitness

Strength, Cardio and HIIT

ROGUE is arguably the best of the best when it comes to powerlifting equipment and they are working quickly to restock their inventory. If the item you want to buy is not currently in stock, provide your email address and ROGUE will notify you when the item is available. Download the ROGUE app from the App Store or Google Play and follow ROGUE on social media for updates. You can also suit up in your favorite ROGUE apparel when you shop online.

10. Texas Power Bar


Get the best bang for your buck on Starting Strength bars made by Texas Power Bar. These barbells are high quality and long lasting- sounds like a good investment! With different sized bars at varying price ranges, you can find the one that is right for you. Follow Texas Power Bar on Facebook and Instagram, and get under the bar today!



At THE STRENGTH CO., Starting Strength coach Grant and his team are making their own equipment and selling benches, racks, bars, etc. Hurry and purchase a steel squat stand. In addition to selling gym equipment, THE STRENGTH CO. offers online coaching and general merchandise. Follow them on Instagram and get strong with STRENGTH CO.

THIS JUST IN: preorder plates NOW to ship in August!

12. REP Fitness

Strength, Cardio and HIIT

Get all the gear that will help you setup the perfect home gym at REP Fitness with strength and conditioning equipment, and more. REP Fitness understands that you don't want to find your desired item only to see that it is out of stock, so they created a tab labeled "In Stock Items"- thanks! After you add the equipment to the cart, make sure to buy the adorable bumper plate coasters. Go to the REP Fitness YouTube page for assembly instructions, workouts, and helpful tips.

13. YORK Barbell

Strength and HIIT

You can build your home gym with YORK Barbell. They carry racks, plates, barbells and dumbbells, in addition to their gym packages. Right now they are having a major blowout sale that you do not want to miss! Although their retail store is currently closed, they ship worldwide. Subscribe to the YORK Barbell newsletter and follow them on social media for updates.

14. Amazon

Strength, Cardio and HIIT

When in doubt, check Amazon. Ready to cater to all your gym needs, Amazon has dumbbells, squat stands and boot camp equipment. They also have fun workout gadgets like fitness watches and comfy sweatbands. The best part is that they have a lot of options, and if you're not satisfied with your item, they have easy returns!

15. CT Fitness Warehouse


Located in Connecticut, CT Fitness Warehouse offers both drive-thru pickup and delivery for commercial gym equipment. By paying a monthly rate, you can rent your favorite workout machine that you've missed during quarantine, such as treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes!

16. Facebook Marketplace

Cardio and HIIT

Shopping on the Facebook Marketplace is like being a kid in the candy store. There are so many sellers who each have their own set of equipment. You can mix and match items from different sellers and create a functional home gym in no time. The marketplace has a quick turnover of equipment, so make sure to keep on checking for new posts!

17. Buy & Sell Fitness

Strength, Cardio and HIIT

It is in the name! Buy & Sell Fitness is designed to make your life easier. You can buy all sorts of new and refurbished gym equipment from dumbbells to gym packages. Additionally, if you are a gym owner or someone who wants to sell your equipment, Buy & Sell Fitness will buy it from you. Convenient- right?! Check them out on Facebook!

We hope this Inside Fitness Now blog has been helpful!

Please let us know if you tried to purchase equipment from any of the places listed and if so, tell us about your experience at

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